Don't just take our word for it. Many disabled people have found friends, acceptance and even love on our site. Hear it from our members themselves about why they love Soulful Encounters Disabled Dating and Community Web site.

Louise is a lady with a Wonderful Spirit. She will often state, "Come Join Our Soulful Community", followed up with, "Every Member On Soulful Encounters Has Become A Part Of My Extended Online Family". She makes a point to get to know all members on an individual basis. Louise is not only the Site’s Founder, but she also plays a big role in the every day smoothness of it....Before she grants a person access on the site, she goes through a screening process & does registration over the phone, to help weed~out all the riff~raff & kooks one can find on the net; monitoring conversation & interacting with each person randomly, without being intrusive. When she does discover negative or suspicious activity by someone, that person is pulled aside & talked to by Louise herself, given a few chances to change their ways, & if things still continue, they are removed.
Yes, there are other site’s out there that claim to be, "Networking for the Disabled", but what I have written in this article is what should (in my opinion) set Soulful Encounters apart from all the rest....If someone does decide to check~out & join Soulful Encounters, they can rest assured, it is legit.  Louise has gone above & beyond in creating an Inviting Environment at Soulful, with a Warm & Friendly Atmosphere.
I Thank Louise for all that she does;  have truly enjoyed getting to know her, along with many members of the site!!
Angie (Member of Soulful Encounters)

I’ve been a member of Soulful Encounters for many years now. While I haven’t met that one perfect someone I have had the opportunity to meet three different members in person. Aside form these hopeful relationships I’ve also made many great friends that I keep in touch with. Phone, letter, e-mail are all great once I get to know someone however I always rely on Soulful Encounters as that first filter. Dating for anyone is a daunting task. For those of us with medical or mobility issues Soulful Encounters is a wondrous tool. The Soulful Encounter Chat Room allows the disabled to get to know each other in a safe spam free environment.

Now Soulful Encounters has a new radio station. While Soulful Encounters Radio is an all volunteer amateur radio station its impact in making the chat room more of a home has been obvious. Soulful Encounters chat rooms have long been my near nightly home but now with the addition of radio it’s like being in a night club with my best friends. For those that have difficulty finding people that accept them as God made them then Soulful Encounters is your new home. Come by and make some new friends.


I wanted to write you this letter to tell you how happy I am to have joined Soulful Encounters. On August 30th 2008 I was surfing the web for disabled support groups. Being paralyzed makes difficult to attend support groups, but we all need to talk to some one.

I joined Soulful Encounters was truly amazed at the no cost membership fee. Once I joined to my surprise I was welcomed by you and so many members who made me feel the closeness of everyone. 

I can truly say now that Soulful Encounters is a community of family members who truly care for each other. Plus you have added resources available to us from local state programs, medical questions to prayer request. I myself have found since my accident that I can talk to others about your feelings, struggles and they all say you’re lucky to be alive. At Soulful Encounters I can share my feelings and truly be understood because we have all experienced the same fear, pain and struggles. 

Recently I was struggling with a State program, Crime Victims Assistance because the driver who caused my injuries was uninsured. My claim was denied and I was not able to provide financially for a caregiver which I truly needed. I shared my concern with you and you put me in touch with Robert another member and he went right to work making phone calls and sending emails to officials and being so supportive to me. I now have a wonderful friend in Michigan. Because of his support and determination I recently got my appeals approved and can now afford a caregiver, Praise God….. Maybe some day Robert can come out to Sunny San Diego and taste a real home made Mexican burrito, lol.

Louise, Robert thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship, love and encouragement you have given me. I have finally found a place I can come to and feel welcomed and loved.

Last but not least is the chat room where we can talk to others around the world and make new friends and encourage each other.

Louise, thank you for all your hard work in bringing this wonderful site where one can feel the love talk to others who truly understand you.

God Bless,
Dylva P.

My Name is Aaron, and I have been a member of Soulful Encounters since March or April of 2009.  Since joining this site, I have been able to meet many people from different walks of life, and it has given me the opportunity to truly know people as well as know where they are coming from.  This truly is an incredible site, I suffer from major depression, anxiety disorder, and paranoid personality disorder with some agoraphobia.  I enjoy communicating with the other members and knowing that I am not alone in struggling with a disability.   I have tried several different websites, and I wasn't treated very well, but here at Soulful Encoutners everyone treats each other with respect and everyone is like a big family.  I'm glad that I found this site and joined because its a place that I feel comfortable being myself, and not having to worry about not being accepted.



My name is Laurreen, and I am a member of a wonderful community called Soulful Encounters that was developed by Louise Maxwell. I was made aware of Soulful Encounters through a Newsletter put out by the Durham Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. I am at the stage where is can no longer walk or drive an automobile, therefore am stricted in participating in many social activities.

Soulful Encounters is an online website conceptualized like Face Book only for the disabled. There are many physically challenged souls in this country who don’t always have the opportunities to go out and to enjoy relationships with friends, family, or the communities in which they live. But Louise, through her tireless effort, has put together people who all share not only their physical disabilities, but also their kind and caring hearts. She is kind, compassionate and very caring, and as a result, we, as a community share our lives, our loves, our hurts and our joys. Whenever we log on, we know that on the other end of our computers is a person who shares all of these emotions with us. We can always depend on a member who will listen, understand, and encourage us.

Soul Encounters is more than just a “dating” site for the physically or mentally challenged, it is a place where people meet and talk about the day-to-day things in life. We talk about current events, religion, the state of the world, and each other’s families, the good and the bad. Members here know that no matter what they say, or how they feel, there will be someone who will have an opinion, encouragement, prayer or just a listening ear.

Louise is completely responsible for how close this community is, and makes a concerted effort in managing a safe and quality place for all its members. Louise makes the time and effort in getting and sharing information members need, including safe dating tips, psychological help, housing ideas and resources, ideas for travel, and other information that is beneficial to members.

I know that other members will agree that Louise has provided our community with things that other singles and group sites don’t always provide: respect, care, and love to name a few. This community is blessed to have her.

I have not yet met Louise but I looking forward to meeting her. Her selfless actions and determination to make a quality site for the disabled should be rewarded with praise and recognition. I just want to let you know that she has earned this praise. I hope you consider her to be featured on Breakfast Television.

Toronto, Canada

I’m a 53 year old, female, and I was born with  Spina Bifida.

I have been a member with Soulful Encounters for one year .  The site is very encouraging and has very special people with all type’s disabilities.  The chat room is somewhere for all of us too go to express our  feelings, challenge’s and frustration’s that we face everyday. 

Some member’s are housebound and are very lonely. When I go into the chat room it makes me feel better after my day of coping with all my challenge’s and pain. There is always someone suffering. We understand each other and pray. 


Hello, I am writing to  share my  thoughts and experiences  with you as I am person  with Physical challenges.   My  main challenges are:  Cerebral palsy,  and insulin -dependent  diabetes.   I access life from a seated position , which leaves me  requiring  assistance in some areas of daily living.    However, I am still very  independent and can do  countless things for myself.

One day, with the last two months,   I found myself surfing the web in hopes of finding a website and or organization  that would help me  connect with other people with challenges whether, the challenges be physical, medical  visual, or hearing challenges etc, it did not matter to me.   I was looking for people who could understand and relate to some of the  challenges I deal with on a daily bases ,such as, depending on someone to  assist me in and out of bed every day as well as  transportation issues.

I also was in search of new friends and eventually perhaps would find my true love.  I had joined a number of online dating sites that seemed to be working for me for a while , but there came a time recently, I felt the dating sites were all the same. Therefore, I knew in my heart it was time to make a little bit of a change in direction and/or in sites.

Upon my  search,   I came across a community/ dating  site known as " Soulful Encounters."   I explore the site for a few days before joining while reading the members testimonials.   I was  a little apprehensive to join another site as I was not sure if it would be the  same as the other sites  I had recently dismissed myself from.

As I continued to explore the site, not being a member yet,  three words  that kept coming up in much of the writing I was reading about the site were " Louise our angel".   My curiosity was starting to peak even more re guarding this  site.   Therefore, I decided to join to see what the site was all about and who" Louise our angel"  was.
The same day and the day after I created my profile within " Soulful Encounters" there were  nice welcome messages in my guestbook from members of the site  i had yet to meet,  including a very heart felt  message from the founder of Soulful Encounters, Louise Maxwell also known to many members  as "our angel".
Now, that I have been a member of Soulful Encounters" for a while,  I am honored and glad to be a member of the on site "Soulful Encounters Family".    I have met many wonderful people while making some really great friends who understand  and can relate to many of the  challenges I deal with on a daily bases.  In turn  Often  times, , I  find through chatting or through e-mail that can relate to many members  daily challenges.      If I am not able    to relate to what another member is going through,   I let them know that I am willing to  be a listening ear as well as a source of support and friendship.

I believe most of the things that have happened and are going to happen in my life occurs  with the assistance of a greater power. I believe God had a hand in helping me to find and join the website, "Soulful Encounters." God knew I wanted, needed,and deserved new support as well as  new friends.  That is that is exactly what I  have found  through this great site.

I feel I also was extremely blessed by God when he crossed my path with the path and friendship of Louise Maxwell. I know that the fact that Louise and I have met on site and our paths have crossed was truly meant to be. Louise Maxwell is an amazing and inspiring person.  I feel as though,  have found a forever friend in Louise.

Louise is someone who goes above and beyond for her members despite her own physical daily pain, she is there to listen, to talk with myself and other members both on site and   on the phone.   Louise  also does everything she possibly can do to ensure the secure and safety of her site for all it is members while accepting each person for who he/she is.  Louise also focuses on her member's strengths  thinking about  how members might be able to help other members  as well as contribute their talents  to the site.

In the conversations that I have had with Louise, it as  if she is sitting with me at my kitchen table, her caring, understanding words go from her mouth to touch  my heart. I think Louise is one of the most genuine, heartfelt, altruistic people I have  crossed paths with. Louise also has a huge heart for all people especially for her Soulful family.

The acceptance, support ,and friendship that I have received from the members of Soulful Encounters and from Louise has made an everlasting , beyond words, impact in my life .

Member of "Soulful Encounters", since August 2008 

When I was first disabled, I thought I wouldn't be able to have any friends. I searched around and tried different web sites. They didn't seem to fill my void. Then, somehow I found soulful encounters and signed up. Wow, what a surprise. Louise treated me like somebody important. I went to the chat, and was accepted right away. The feeling I get from the site is one of caring. Louise took time to call me and welcome me to the site. She does this with everyone. The people are disabled, but we have different types. We seem to help each other get through some hard times and at the same time have some fun. I know Louise works many hours a day, but still takes time to stop in the chat to see how we all are. Louise does all this, and never dwells on her own pain and necessities. She is a dear friend to us all, and has made my life doable again.
Thank you, 

I am a member of Soulful Encounters and it has been a Godsend to me and all of it’s members. Louise made me feel so good when she asked if I would monitor her chat room since she saw that I was on there all the time. I am housebound and do not have much to do so I welcomed this opportunity with enthusiasm. It made me feel like getting out of bed in the mornings, the day has more meaning now…I feel part of the world somehow. I help to keep order in the chatroom and welcome newcomers. We call her our “Computer Mom” and she calls us her “Crazy Soulful Kids”. But don’t let her title for us fool you…she cares for every one of us and tries to help anyone on there that needs it. I got robbed the other day because I live upstairs and cannot come down my stairs without help and therefore I am unable to lock the door at the bottom of the stairs. Louise spent a lot of time calling different organizations to see if she could get me help to move out of here. 

To Louise and my fellow disabled members we don’t care what disability you have whether it be Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis or an Amputee the most important thing is that we are still people with feelings. Louise recognizes this in everyone and tries to make all of us feel good about ourselves…I call her my Angel even though she goes around calling us hers. I don’t get to do much in this world because of my disability but I do dream about meeting this woman whom everyone has come to love. 


I came back to re-check my profile after our conversation and was very pleasantly surprised. I thank you for the kind and uplifting words that you left on my profile page. You are indeed an exceptional and quite personable woman, who I have no doubt will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Your dedication, and extreme helpfulness is a very pleasant surprise in today's world. Here's to a woman who already has succeeded at being the kind of person we all strive to be, but very often fall short of. Take care and wishing you only the best.


When I first joined soulful encounters, I was e-mailed by a scammer who I thought was a successful widower with children and just lonely... When he wasn't open to basic things about his" disability" and immediately gave his e-mail adress I suspected him and I e-mailed Louise. Within 24 hours or less... I got an e-mail back from her saying it was indeed a scammer and  he was history, gone from the site. Her cordial manner showed me she really cared about her members. I was pleasantly surprised when I joined the site how often she spoke with her members. Her professional and kindly manner put me at ease. I tell everybody I know, disabled or not, about her site. She is one lady I trust very deeply. 



Hi Louise, Thank you for the nice warm welcome. You have done a wonderful job on this site. Hope to chat with you all the nice people on here as soon as possible. Have a wonderful evening.



My name is Leigh, and I am a member of the wonderful community called Soulful Encounters. Soulful has given my soul the sense of friendship, fellowship, and community that I have been without since I was first diagnosed with my physical illnesses.

Like me, there are many physically challenged souls in this country who don’t always have the opportunities to go out and to enjoy relationships with friends, family, or the communities in which they live. Louise has put together people who all share not only their physical or mental disabilities, but also their kind and caring hearts. This is done by the tireless work of Louise, and our hearts are caring because she leads the way. She is kind, compassionate and very caring. We, as a community share our lives, our loves, our hurts and our joys. Every day as we log on, we know that no matter how we feel, whether it’s happy, sad, depressed or excited, we know that on the other end of our computers is a person who shares all of these emotions with us. You can always depend on a member who will listen, understand, and encourage other members. This community prides itself on not judging other members, understanding and abiding every person’s personal beliefs and emotions. This is more than just a “dating” site for the physically challenged. It’s a place where people meet and talk about the day to day things in life. We talk about current events, religion, the state of the world, and each other’s families, the good and the bad. The members here know that no matter what we say, or how we feel there will be someone who will have an opinion, encouragement, prayer and just a listening ear.



I will never be able to thank you enough for starting this site. You saw a need that wasn't being met in the community - local and global and tackled it to have it met. I know you've had your struggles with getting the site to be what you want but if anyone can do it you can and have. You may be small in stature but it only takes a drop of nitro to set off a big explosion. When i first joined - the chat was where I liked to hang my hat. In fact we had a comedy trio going that we joked about taking it on the road. This site was the tool (with Gods help) to connect me with a male member who I love and treasure dearly and deeply. There is no such thing as coincidence it's God at work. He has added a whole new dimension to my life. I do miss the chat with flutter and gladgal - we did have a riot. My volunteer work takes me out of town now that I just don't have the time to get into the chat. I will never forget the human element that brought my sweetie and i together. I love you

Weezy girl.

Louise...I must compliment you and admire the effort, time and energy put into this website. I know I can't do it, but I am grateful that you did. your reward is the pleasure you have given others who enjoy the friends they have made through your efforts. Keep up the good work.



Thank you, Louise for building this community. It and you have been a God send for me. I'm sure that it is and will be for everyone. You are a beautiful and caring person, and I'm honored to be your friend. God bless you in all you do! In Christ,



I had a stroke in 2005…Life would never be the same for me after that, if I were to survive period. (Chances of that happening were very slim!) See, I had brain-surgery to stop the bleeding. Part of my brain was removed to access the bleeding vessel and I cannot walk as a result.I did manage to beat that stroke and continue living… however, the damage was permanently secured.

One of my very deep desires since childhood has been to have a family of my own. After the stroke this seemed to be impossible. I felt that I had lost my appeal. I had many things going for me before that no longer existed afterward! I had no idea where to turn or what to do…I joined a few dating-sites online. I met some people and got to know them. I never tell lies or withhold info. So…I’d tell my stroke-story. Thereafter many women would disappear…never to be heard from again. I found it hard and even embarrassing to explain my physical limitations to people. Not-to-mention the limitless typing involved in explaining what I underwent.

Then I met a woman that would change everything for me. No, not a mate, but a woman that had created a dating-site that catered to people with the same limitations that I had. A disabled-dating-site. I came to know Louise as “Weezie” or “Lulu”. At her site (Soulfulencounters.com), all of the stress and pressures were no longer a factor. The members were dealing with many of the same challenges that I was facing.  This lifted the heavy burden of telling my story to everyone I met. The people were understanding and compassionate. Not something I can say of the other sites that I had previously frequented.

I have yet to find the “one” at this point…I do believe it to be just around the corner though. Soulful is the perfect place for such a thing to happen!



My name is Walker H.C. I want everyone who finds their way to this site to know that the people who are associated with this site are mighty good'uns! I have encountered and established clean,wholesome, genuine, & cherished friendships with several individuals here. I have not for a second regretted becomeing associated with Soulful Encounters. I intend to remain a member as long as I can.

Walker H.C 


Dear Louise: I feel confident that I am speaking for everyone when I say thank you, thank you, thank you for all your time, effort and finances that go towards this site. You have provided us with a lifeline and it's given many of us a positive change in our lives. You are a beautiful angel sent to us.



Thank you so much Louise for recognizing my brain . Some people don't.. I promise I will be careful and wait for the right one. Personally, I don't believe the present prospect is that person but maybe someone will come along some day. You are so sweet, my friend... I'm a big fan of yours too.. I'm telling everybody in the U.S than I can about you. You website and compassion could change the world... I'm a big believer in that! I'm thankful for your sincerity and friendship. I will keep you updated.



Louise your site is great this is the only chat room i go into been on others but there was too much cursing going on and i stayed away but yours is fun and clean. if i may add you are such a wonderful and fun person to speak with be it on the phone or in the chatroom. i enjoy reading the comments you make when you enter the chatroom. you are a nice lady. best wishes to tou and your family.



It's fun to chat which other disabled folks. So many folks treat anyone in a chair as a Telethon Kid which is insulting.



When i was sick and put on oxygen in 2003, i though to myself, why should i keep going. there was nothing left for me in life. i couldn't work, or date or even go out much anymore. i had to drag oxygen with me all the time. i prayed daily and asked for the Lord to send me a reason, or a sign to go on. 2007 was the year i got my answer. i happened upon yet another web site for disabled singles. i didn't even care about joining, but i did. this was the answer i was looking for. LOUISE, this new found person, that opened her heart to me, and welcomed me into her special fold. she ask me to come to the chat room. i did so and was greeted by all these people that seemed to have something i wanted and needed. we need what this woman named LOUISE was giving to each of us . as i learned about what she was about, i realized that shes no ordinary person. she struggles daily with her own disability. her husband is disabled, and needs to rely on her for assistance. she worried about her son in Peru, during their earthquake. some of her site members call for her help. she finds time to respond. some of us need mental help, and she guides us. to me, she is my inspiration in life.



Doug wrote this for the members of the chat room..He likes to put poetry up on his blog quite often and the members like to go there to read what he has written as of late. He has also written one testimonial in letter form. 

When life gets tough and seems like a downer,
Click on a link to “Soulful Encounters”.
You’ll meet some cool people and feel at ease,
You realize this quick when you meet Louise.
Such a sweet lady to devote her time,
To make us feel welcome and not charge a dime.
Charles is there to greet and keep track,
Of who’s been in chat and who’s coming back.
He’s one cool dude, he is the man,
He’s not ignoring you, he’s just a big racing fan.
Azure and Gladgal are nice to see there,
They’ll put a smile on your face and truly care.
Jolene and Dee are there for support,
They will ease your tensions, make you chuckle and snort.
If the girls are from Venus, and the guys from Mars,
Lets not forget Livingwater, heart boy, and rudycarz.
All I have met are nice and cool,
You will leave with a sense of calming renewal.
We’re here during the day, we’re here at night,
Come all ye wanderers to the cool peoples site……

Doug L.


My journey to “Soulful Encounters” began several years ago, when I , as a single man with disabilities and mobility restrictions went looking for friends and companionship via the internet. I surfed the chat rooms and dating sites that best suited my age group. I found the chat rooms to be very disappointing to say the least. I can’t remember ever being welcomed into a room. The people were rude, abusive, and reluctant to release any personal information other than (ASL), age, sex, and location. They were full of spammers that would send instant messages with links to websites that I had no interests in. The dating sites were also a big let down. They let you post a photo along with a profile onto their site. They let you search through thousands of faces with limited information in hopes you get lucky enough to pick someone that might be compatible. Then comes the kicker, for only $29.95 a month on your credit card will they allow you to proceed any further.

As I sat at my computer desk one night a few months back, lonely and a little depressed, searching the web from site to site. I typed “friends for disabled” into my search bar. I was directed to “Soulful Encounters”. I decided to register and explore the site further. I entered into a chat room. I was greeted by everyone in the room. This was a shock to me in itself. The people there were friendly and instantly I felt welcome. I had stumbled onto exactly what I had been searching out for years. After several minutes of pleasurable conversation I noticed the “administrator” entered the room. Everyone seemed at ease and we carried on with our conversations. I was asked where I was from, what type of disability I lived with, and normal questions a newbie might be asked. Then “admin” sent me a private message requesting my home phone number. Was this woman crazy? There was no way I was ever going to give out personal information like my phone number to a complete stranger. What purpose could she use my phone number for? I thought it might be someone trying to scam me. I was very reluctant. I tried to ignore the question and made several attempts to change the subject. She was having no part of it. She was very adamant and continued to press me to release my phone number. Now the folks I had been chatting with in the room earlier were now trying to convince me it was Ok. That Louise was protecting them from spammers and scammers and that she needed to make sure I was who I said I was. I hastily, cleverly, luckily decided to go ahead and release my personal phone number to this stranger so that I could be able to come back and chat with all the nice people I had met in the chat room that night. Sure enough, just after midnight my phone rings.

As Louise was greeting me and introducing herself, I was enlightened by the kindness in her voice and the intentions she was out to accomplish. To protect her faithful members. Louise and I had a delightful and lengthy chat on the phone in the wee hours of that morning. My reluctance quickly turned to gratitude as she easily convinced me to become a member of her site that has now blessed me with so many new friends. A place to come to when loneliness and boredom rears their ugly heads. A place to go when I just don’t feel good or have a headache. Someone their can relate and that alone seems to lift my spirits. Louise still calls me from time to time. Not to check up on me, but because she cares. She truly cares. Not just for me, but for every member on the site and for anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Louise gives of her heart and mind. Her kindness is driven by her intelligence. Louise has seemed to have figured out how to make people feel good about themselves, and to look to the brighter side of life’s challenges, that everyone is worthy. Louise has put resources in place to back up her efforts in several areas to help expand her reach of kindness. She gives of her time. Untiring when most of us would call it quits. She gives financially to build and maintain a place for others to enjoy. Louise has inspired me to write and to be a better person. For this I am eternally grateful. What Louise has done here is she has created a place where souls may encounter others like themselves. To build friendships and relationships that enhance our daily lives. To make life even more enjoyable. Thank you, Louise. For being there for me and all the rest of your flock, who I know feels the same as myself……

Doug L. “Backwords”


I discovered SoulfulEncounters.com following two painful emotional experiences on other dating websites. I had previously registered on both Christian and disabled dating sites. I was apprehensive about registering on yet another dating site. It is impossible to know the intentions of the people you meet on dating sites. After registering with SoulfulEncounters.com, I received a very nice e-mail from Louise, Site Administrator. Louise thanked me for registering with her site. I was surprised, but very pleased and appreciative for her communication. Louise asked me if she could call me on the telephone. In spite of her very busy life, we speak periodically on the telephone. Louise is a loving and gracious woman who cares very deeply for the members of her "Soulful Encounters family". Louise makes everyone of her "Soulful family members" feel special. She is always thinking about how she can help and/or supply a need in someone's life. I have always felt comfortable on the SoulfulEncounters.com site. I have confidence in knowing Louise will not tolerate any unacceptable moral or unethical behavior from anyone, and will remove any undesirable influence. In other words, she cares about our safety while on the SoulfulEncounters.com site. I would love to have Louise as my personal friend. I would consider it a great honor and joy to meet Louise personally.



Riding into Bliss.

I got too tired of being alone,
Searching for love day and night.
One very happy, sunshiny morning
I found a wonderful site.
It promised love for my lonely soul,
It put my hopes way up.
I had to return what somebody stole,
I made a decision, signed up.
So, I came into a wonderful house.
It opened to me new doors.
And, pretty soon, I hope to announce:
I'm not alone anymore.
I started my journey out of here,
My ride into family bliss.
For troubles and sorrows, which disappeared,
I'm grateful to you, Louise.

By Igor Packer, Soulful Encounters Member

I am a Christian woman with a medical disability and I am writing to recommend SoulfulEncounters.com as a great place for disabled Christians to meet and explore social networking.

The site founder and administrator, Louise Maxwell, works very hard to make the site an enjoyable, clean and safe place to be.  I feel very comfortable when on SoulfulEncounters.com.  No “funny business” or inappropriate conduct is allowed and the chat rooms are always monitored.  Louise operates from a strong set of Christian values and it is reflected throughout the whole site.

There are also many other Christian members on the site and I have made friends with lots of them.  I recently joined a prayer group there, and was the beneficiary of many prayers when I recently had to go to the hospital for drug treatments.

Many of us treasure the Soulful community so much that we like to volunteer there, assisting Louise, or trying to help out other members who are in need.  It is a fabulous community of friends who deeply care about those who are suffering.

But perhaps best of all, I met a special man on the site -- a believer, like me -- and we fell head over heels.  Half a year later, we became engaged to be married.  We would never have met if it was not for Soulful and so I am exceedingly grateful for this online community.  I wish more disabled people could hear about SoulfulEncounters.com so that they, too, can make friends and end their loneliness.  Your television show would be a great opportunity to help spread the word.

I have great admiration for Louise Maxwell -- the woman who works so hard behind the scenes to keep people happy on the site and make everyone feel welcome.  I know she would be a gracious and interesting guest on your show and I would urge you to invite her on.

“ShawnAndDanielle” on SoulfulEncounters.com


Where Hearts Meet
copyright by mike 2007. howlllll

There is a woman who brings souls together every day and every night, and she does it so right. She pulls together souls from near and far and believes in them for who they are. She is like a mother to this clan while they are here searching for a woman or a man. Or maybe a new friend to just chat with on a lonely night when the moon is shining so bright. She protects us like an angel’s light and keeps away all the wrong people with all her might. This poem is for Louise a sweet and loving soul and is dedicated to all of her friends who already know. 

Louise Maxwell the founder of Soulful Encounters is dedicated and gives every member a phone call when they join the site. This site is different then any other site.  There is a monitor on the site at all times. God has given us Louise. I’m  Blessed to have Louise in my life.

Sincerely, Casey 

My soulfulness, is my faith in God that carries me through my journey of life.  Our lives are touched in so many ways and by so many people.  People like Louise, who had a vision of helping others, by bringing them together to know they are not alone.  By doing so, she has touched each and everyone of our souls, the very essence of our being.

Louise has touched each and everyone of us, she is always there.  She inspirers us by walking the walk with all of us.  She is compassionate, understanding and non judgmental.  She is truly a soulful human being. I thank God every day that Soulful Encounters is a part of my life, for I never feel alone anymore and I know there is someone who will be there for me who understands.

The title of this site is perfect it means exactly what it says, the "immaterial essence of an individual's life, expressing deep feelings, and relating to".  "Soulful Encounters", are people who come together with others like themselves.  We share and listen to one another.   When one of us has a crisis we're there for each other, by coming together to help one another to get though a difficult time, and knowing we are not alone.

I was extremely surprised and hopeful, being I am disabled and was looking for others out there like.  People who could understand and relate to how difficult life could be when you are disabled. 

I joined Soulful Encounters about 6 months ago. I was curious to see what it was about.  Before checking out the site, I thought it might be one of those dating services, but the name of the site intrigued me. 



Dear Lady,

In a world of grievances,
There came a  woman with a loving soul,
Trying to bring together people with special difficulties
Some comfort and joy.

Now this site she build with the hope that souls might
Encounter friendships and a heartfelt  hello.

She is busy like a little bee,
Making calls,  giving a helping hand to someone,
or answering messages with  a loving word.

In the chat room  like a beam of sunlight suddenly she’ll appear
Saying greetings and asking how everything is in such a sincere way.
A band of Soulful seekers she’ll see gathered there:
Some Dream chasers,
Silent wanderers,
Controversial thinkers,
Funny makers,
And hopeful souls.
Now a Site like this is hard to find when someone so caring is in charge.

My dearest Lady,  may your guiding hand for the longest be here,
As SoulfulEncounters is a marvelous place to be.

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