Soulful has helpers who help me help you. I appreciate their time and efforts very much.

I also appreciate Marc Riopelle who worked many hours to give us this wonderful social networking community site for us and Eric Swanzey Soulful's programmer who does a good job to make Soulful user friendly and always thinking outside the box and giving me ideas for solutions.  Both are remarkable men and I am lucky to have found them.  Many thanks to Kerstin Hutchinson advertising/marketing..Kerstin has done a lot for the site that is not part of her job description. I also feel blessed to have come across her as well. Thanks very kindly to Sergio Cordoba who is an excellent graphic designer. He is responsible for Soulful Encounters' professional look. Thanks to Susan Regier, writer who is full of ideas and very supportive. A very special thanks to Michelle Easby, my mentor who is always pleasant and full of knowledge and great ideas. I admire her brilliant mind and I appreciate all the useful information she shares with me to help promote my Web site. Thanks for all the hard work and wonderful ideas from all of you to make Soulful Encounters a unique Web site for the Disabled.

 Many heartfelt thanks to the following members who help either on a daily basis or occasionally. Thank you for all your time spent looking things up to make Soulful a humanitarian and caring place to be. May all your dreams come true.

Azure, thank you for her devoted past work on the site. It will always be appreciated and never forgotten.

Charles was Soulful's Chatroom monitor so we could have a clean room. He devoted many hours of his time willingly and cheerfully. He is also on our DJ team.

Gimpdaddy has in the past brought in entertainment as a DJ and also co-ordinated DJ potentials. This helped Louise free up some time and is also appreciated. He was there for Louise when she first started radio and was not technically equipped in the area.

Robert, my help researcher,  is remarkable in how he tiredlessly looks for help to aid the needy on the site. Robert is on Soulful Blogs if you need help outside the site. He is also one our DJs to bring you entertainment. (Robert passed away May, 2011 and will always be remembered for the wonderful person he was)

RonThePharmacist is always openly answering questions from members and gives solid advice. Ron is close to Louise's heart.

EngineerBrian gives strong and practical site ideas to be implemented and he is also close to Louise's heart.

Jack56 is our Resident Counselor and has discussions regarding relationships on the Soulful Blogs and once a week on our radio station. Jack keeps us informed..Thanks kindly.

Past Judy(angelbunnyj) has been a great help as our pastor on the Soulful Blogs.

Rev.CJ has helped us with bible studies in the event chatroom and sermons on the Soulful Blogs. This was greatly appreciated by myself and many members.

Gimpydog has been very supportive of Soulful Encounters and now is our radio manager for  the Soulful Team. He manages the radio with all aspects from organizing DJs to all the technical issues of the radio. He is very loyal and I like to call him Soulful's technical genius.

Many thanks to our wonderful DJ team....Gimpydog, Danelover, Jack56, Caleogirl, Jedi, Charles, GladGal, LynneMarie, Rikrob,Bassman, WalkerHC, Schwarz, and Lizy. Thanks also to Paul from Spacial Audio for his help with the broadcaster. Our DJs also help monitor the site while they are in the chatroom djing.

GladGal is appreciated for always being helpful on the site. Thank you for your many hours of helping members with their computers in the past..

Brett501...monitors the chat and has Peoples' Talk ...it is always nice to see him there in the afternoon.

Itsme (Barbara) for all her time monitoring the Blessings profile..it is much appreciated. Thank you Leigh for taking over the Blessings once more..God Bless You.

ButterflyStoryTeller wrote a newsletter for Soulful and this was much appreciated. She is a great story writer.

angelbunnyj (Pastor Judy) is an amazing pastor who has worked with the Homeless and her experience as a pastor is very helpful if anyone should need spiritual help.

BigBill has given his time to answer members' questions on Soulful Blogs.

AdorableDorrie has given her time to answer members'questions on Soulful Blogs.

Shelley is great with organizational work and has been instrumental in helping me to get on 100 Huntley Street...TV.

Dani is a great woman and writer. She has used her expertise to do some great writing for Soulful so that we may move to another dimension with interviews etc.

Ari is Soulful's Canadian facilitator/advocator and pleasant and bright person who would like to help Soulful get more members and is organizing little workshops where I can go and give a talk to disabled persons about Soulful.

Angie thank you for being a special lady and for helping us keep the chat clean late at night.

newbeginning (whosknocking) has agreed to give a helping hand if I should need any addressing with computer problems. This is his area of expertise.

JazzyGal posted jokes on Soulful Blogs for us in the past to keep us light hearted.