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Soulful Encounters Radio - For The Disabled by the Disabled

Soulful Encounter Radio is DJ'd by our very own members!  It's available online for all members and includes music, guest speakers, discussion topics such as discussing disabilities, dating and much more.  An entire online radio station dedicated to our wonderful members. 

Learn more about our member DJ's by viewing their profiles below.

DJ Gimpydog 

It all started on a beautiful autumn day back in 1959. The first born of twins Carl was a lovely baby. Looking back at that wondrous start one can only ponder, what the heck went wrong? Carl is a retired License Arborist and former Marine. He spends his time tormenting his two sons with stem winding stories about, "when I was a kid". He's active in disabled sports teaching Riflery, Hunters Education as well as Sled Hockey. Carl's love of Vinyl began when his parents purchased their first HiFi set. Carl would watch as his father carefully lifted the stylist to the record. As the needle approached the gently waving rippling revolving vinyl his father would demand the house go still. Any movement could send the needle skipping across the record thus ruining the listening experience. This forced a young Carl to listen. He's still listening!

Stay tuned to his Show "Gimpydog Groovin' On A Smooth Vinyl Wave".


DJ WalkerHC

My name is WalkerHC and I live in Darlington county South Carolina where the topography is dominated by soybean, peanut & cotton fields. I live by myself,but, I do have three cats, a possum and a mouse or two who live with me. I like music that is up-beat and positive, although, I have some of everything in my library. It is "a mix" with plans to enlarge my music library. I became a member of Soulful Encounters early 2007 and it has been, it is now and it will without any doubt always continue to remain a genuine life-altering blessing that has a habit of bringing about very substantial and refreshing pleasure.

I invite you to listen to "The Mix"!


DJ Jack


I am jack56, and I live in Punxsutawney, PA.   Punxsutawney is the home of the groundhog.   Every Groundhog Day, Feb. 2nd Punxsutawney Phil pops out of his fancy heated den and predicts how Much Winter we have left. 

Being a fan of Wolfman Jack, the famous 70's DJ, I decided to combine my first name with my hometown's fame and came up with "Hogman Jack".  I invite everyone to tune in to the Hogman Jack show, and enjoy a mix of 60's - 90's rock and country.  I might even squeeze in a bit of disco here and there.



Hello Radioland, My name is Sharon and I hail from good old Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. My disability is Cerebral Palsy but that didn't stop me from traveling. My parents raised me with a strong sense of independence and to keep an open mind. I have one son and several relatives I am close with. I believe that laughter and fearlesness give one strength to endure. My musical interests are mostly hard rock, some metal and I do love the oldies. So come and listen to DJ GG's "Rockin' Cafe a la Mode".


DJ GimpDaddy

I have been around music all my life. I believe that where words fail, music can speak. On my show, "Gimps Gone Wild", I will treat your eardrums to new rock bands that will get your toes tappin' and your heads bangin', proving that rock is still alive!!!. ROCK ON!!!


DJ Paul

Join DJ Paul as he grabs a soda, kicks back, takes the lid off your weekend and spins some tunes for you live here on Soulful Encounters Radio. Otherwise, he can be found working at his day job and other projects, surfing Twitter and listening to podcasts for all the latest in tech, watching TV, talking on the ham radio, going out and spending time with his wife Juliet, their kitty Rosie and other family and friends. Paul is the owner of several radio stations and gives of himself to help the DJs with all the Tech stuff. Look for him on "The Weekend Mix".

DJ Littlebug

Littlebug claims to be just a simple country girl living life to the fullest. Her life long disability led her have a great passion for music and this has become her greatest pastime. Littlebug would like to share her music with you. Join “The Bug Connection” as she connects you to the best tunes on the web.


DJ Bindigirl

I like to expand my mind with a wide assortment of interests. With my fair amount of life experience, no subject is taboo with me. Philosophy, religion, travel, culture, arts, Love and Beauty are what make me tick.On The Travelers Radio Program, we will take a journey to some groovy destinations with my eclectic music collection. Delicious Lo-Fi, Downtempo, and lots of fun favorites mixed in.


DJ Hazel

Hazel has been a member of Soulful Encounters since 2006. She currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Hazel grew up listening to a wide variety of music. She studied music formally from the age of 3, and has a deep appreciation for a wide variety of musical styles. She can read music and has participated extensively in professional music groups throughout her life. Hazel previously DJ'd at WUMO in Bangor Maine in 1980 when vinyl was king. Expect the unexpected when DJ Hazel is on the air: classical, folk, rock, blues, bluegrass, reggae, musicals, opera, operetta, and beyond. DJ Hazel plays genre-themed sets, artist-focused sets, and unusual musical mixes. She invites you to listen to her show, "DJ Hazel's Musical Journey.